Journey_front-cover-200The Journey: Brokenness to Wholeness, shares an amazing story of Hurt, Loss, Hope, Restoration, and Purpose. A powerful story of an amazing, gang-raped, eighteen-year-old, mentally challenged young woman, who incredibly, despite her lack of intellectual ability, homelessness, and a society that was constantly pressuring her to abort her baby, chose LIFE.  However, she couldn’t care for her baby boy and placed him in foster care, where he was later adopted. He wouldn’t be reunited with his birth mother for over twenty-seven years!


Steventhen is a Dynamic, Inspirational, Motivational, and National Pro-Life speaker!
He has an amazing story!
A true “God Size” story!
A story of Grace and Mercy!
A story of Hurt and Loss, but also a story of Hope and Restoration!


Steventhen is a passionate worship leader that believes that it is a tremendous privilege and honor to lead people into the present of God, through song. He leads from the overflow of his heart, a heart that desires to point people to the feet of Jesus. Worship to Steventhen is more than a slow song. To him, worship is a daily denial to self and a complete surrender to God and His will. This is what makes Steventhen a gifted worship leader, although he is a talented vocalist and musician, it is his heart that sets him apart.