Steventhen Holland Ministries, has become an affiliate of World Outreach Ministries, Inc. and in 2018 will be traveling the country with the mission of…

“Bringing HOPE and RESTORATION to the BROKEN”

Over the last few years we have been blessed to have built some great relationships with wonderful people, churches, ministries, and organizations, and we continue to building new relationships every day. It is through these relationships that we are seeing a tremendous need for people to serve “The Broken”, not only in the church, but in Mental Health Facilities, Children’s Services (Homes, Detention Centers, Adoption Agencies, etc.), Drug Rehabilitation Centers, Crisis Centers (Pregnancy Centers, Women’s Shelters, etc.)

The services that we provide are inspirational speaking, worship leading, life-coaching, leadership development, and we also currently provide two resources for purchase, a book and CD.

Most of the places that God has called us to minister in will not be able to compensate us for the services provided. That doesn’t change the fact that they all have many BROKEN people that are longing for the message of HOPE and RESTORATION that God has called us to share with them! Even though the road looks difficult, it’s not an option for us not to go and serve these places, because He has called us to go!

The average cost of a missionary family to provide for their personal salary AND ministry operating costs is between $10,000 – $16,000 per month. Our goal is to raise $12,000 per month.

We realize that the cost is significant, but we trust that our Great Provider is bigger! This is why we are launching the #Give10Campaign.

What is the #Give10Campaign?
We are asking that you help us bring HOPE and RESTORATION to the BROKEN by committing to donate a tax deductible gift of at least $10 a month, for the next year.

For example:
If 1,200 people gave $10 a month (or a one time gift of $120) we could reach our goal!