So, I was looking back over the year and it amazes me how God has blessed us with some incredible ministry opportunities. I have spoken or lead worship at 37 ministry events and ministered to an estimate of 6,500 people, as of date. Wow! It is such an honor and priviledge to be used by God, for the work of God. The Lord affirms Rachel and I that we are walking in His will daily. We have assurance that we are called to continue to carry a meesage of Hope to the broken and save the lives of the unborn through sharing our story. We also, realize that being in complete surrender to God’s call doesn’t come pain-free!

If you want to live a pain-free life:
Do Nothing
Say Nothing
Be Nothing
*This simply isn’t an option for us, which leads me to why I’m writting this tonight…

I didn’t understand why God has been constantly throwing two words, GIANTS and MOUNTAIN, in my face over the last week, but I’m beginning to see why. We just got some news that as of the first of November our monthly ministry expenses will be increasing and with this increase we are in serious need of finanical support, for ministry to continue (Giants/Mountain???). As you can imagine, this news came very unexpectantly and in many ways the timing couldn’t be any worse with the holidays approaching, but let me show you how God has been subtle preparing my heart and attitude for this news.

As many of you all know, I lead worship quite often and I’m always listening to music. So, over the last few days God has drawn my attention to 6 new songs, and you will never guess what the titles have been. Listen to these:
GIANTS FALL by Francesca Battistelli
EVERY GIANT WILL FALL by Rend Collective
MOUNTAIN by Bryan and Katie Torwalt
YES AND AMEN by Housefires

WOW!!! Thank you Lord!
“I will rest in Your promises, my confidence is Your faithfulness…”

I’m confident that HE will be faithful to provide for our needs, because we are being obedient to HIS call on our lives.

“Our stones maybe small but the Giants will Fall…”

See we are facing a GIANT (Increase in monthly ministry expenses that we can’t afford) and we are in need of some stones! I know that you may feel that your “stones” are small or you don’t have a lot to give to support us, but the truth is that no matter how small the “stones” (the finanical support) the Giant will fall!

Would you please prayerfully consider supporting our ministry with a monthly (tax deductible) donation, no matter how small 😉

How can you give?

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  • Give Physical Check (*Make check payable to “National Christian Foundation” and write “Fund #1437076” in check memo)
    Mail Check to:
    National Christian Foundation Tampa Bay
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