First of all, if you are reading this, I want to say thank you for your prayers and support!

During the months of January and February we’ve had the honor and blessing of ministering at a total of six ministry events. The ministry events included preaching a Sunday service, leading worship, book signings, and a couple of live music events. Every event God has allowed us to be a part of has given us an opportunity to share a message of HOPE! Whether it is through sharing my book, music and/or story(speaking) the theme is always finding HOPE in the midst of our brokenness, which God continues to show us that this is a message people need to hear!

I would like to encourage you to check out a list of previous and up-coming events @ the link listed below:

If you clicked on the link above you can see that we are busy doing ministry, which means people are hearing and being encouraged by a message of HOPE!

I would like to ask you to continue to support us in a few ways:

PRAY – Please continue to pray that this message of HOPE reaches many.
SHARE – Please share our ministry with as many that you think would be encouraged to have us come and minister at their next event(s).
SUPPORT – Please pray about supporting our ministry financially and/or sharing our minister with others that might be interested in supporting. To give a tax deductible donation CLICK HERE!