Hello my friends!

Can you believe that 2017 is only a few days away?

Rachel and I were sitting around discussing how quickly this year has flown by and how the road to the end of 2016 hasn’t been an easy one. When you are a support based ministry there are a lot of unknowns (ministry opportunities, finances, etc.), but God has been so faithful to provide for our every need. One specific example of God’s provision occured this summer: Our family vehicle’s tranmission went out and was not worth repairing so we were down to one small sedan for our family of 5. We were looking constantly for a minivan to be able to hold all 5 of us and luggage for our many ministry events this year. We were not having any luck looking on our own. Everything had too many miles or was just too expensive. We decided we would stick it out and continue to pray for the Lord to show us what to do. After a couple of months, a man from a church we had visited felt God calling him to gift us a small SUV. This was not really big enough for our family, but gave us a way to trade in our family car, and the sedan we had been using, and get a minivan! God provided exactly what we needed . In fact, the van we ended up with had only gotten to the lot the morning we purchased it!

God has blessed me with the opportunity of speaking or leading worship at 46 different events which has allowed us the honor of ministering to over 10,000 people. When we combined minstry events from this year with those from 2015, we saw that God has allowed us to minister at a total of 86 events, which has impacted over 25,000 people. We are utterly AMAZED at what God has done through our being obedient to HIS call! We have met so many people and heard so many of their stories. There are men and women, of all ages, who were adopted, or had been through an adoption, that were able to relate to my story and in many cases, find healing. One man, after hearing my testimony, decided to continue his search for his birth mother and just recently was able to reunite with her!

I ask that you pray that God will continue to give us ministry opportunities and that many more lives will be changed through hearing a message of LIFE, HOPE, and PURPOSE. Please pray that God will continue to provide relationships with people that believe in our ministry. Please pray for our financial needs to be met. Please pray about how you can support us financially. Without generous people who believe in our ministry, we cannot continue to make the impact we are called by God to make.

The Hollands